Ayelet has always felt a connection to movement and exercise. From swimming and dance, to rugby and horseback riding, she has found a way to run, lift and jump at every stage in her life. While earning a Public Health degree from Berkeley, Ayelet volunteered at the university’s physical therapy clinic where she first discovered the power of Pilates. After graduating, she became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and worked as a Physical Therapy Technician and Personal Trainer at Layfield Physical Therapy in Encino. She received her Pilates certification in 2010 from BASI’s (Body Arts and Science International) comprehensive teaching program in Los Angeles. Ayelet enjoys hiking, traveling with her husband and being a mother to her daughter Libby and dog Stella. Her goal is to improve lives by helping individuals discover the joy of movement, develop body awareness and to create a positive fitness space that is effective, safe and fun for all levels.

Lindsay Bushman

Lindsay grew up dancing and had a particular interest in ballet.  She studied under a Russian prima ballerina during her childhood.  She has always been a lover of activity running, hiking, swimming… you name it! Lindsay fell in love with Pilates because of how nurturing the activity is to the body. It’s like having a cake and eating it too!  She received her certification at Pilates Sports Center which emphasizes its training on injury prevention and modifications.  Her favorite classes to teach are athletic based where she guides her students on their way to attain their physical and mental objectives.

Jenna Dillon

With a rich and diverse background in dance, pedagogy, and anatomy, Jenna Dillon brings passion for wellness in body and mind to my Pilates practice andteaching. Being a former professional dancer helped her to "set the stage" for a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the body. She has achieved certification for Pilates through the internationally recognized Pilates Academy International training programHer sessions are geared towards either rehabilitation, fitness training/conditioning, or a combination of both. She has experience in Prenatal & Post Natal, as well as a multitude of body injuries to rehab the body on. From elderly clients who struggle to walk with a cane to a NFL professional football athlete, Pilates can literally be for any body and she is excited to help anyone who is looking to live in their bodies pain-free with strength, energy, confidence, and vitality. It's time we celebrate and be grateful for the body we have been given.


Jessica Love

Jessica has always found movement to be her medicine from a young age. She had her first Pilates class 10-years ago and was instantly drawn to how released and lengthened it made her feel. Later on, as a line producer in the TV industry, she found Pilates the perfect counterbalance for the long hours leaving her calm, composed and ready for anything the day entailed. She realized that making people feel as great as she feels when she leaves a Pilates class is what would truly fulfill her. She studied at Pilates Sports Center and most recently completed an additional Pre and Post-natal workshop there. She believes Pilates is for everyone, and exercise should be fun and a safe space.  


emma collins

Emma is a Certified Pilates Instructor and has been training clients since 2004. She has worked with an extensive variety of people ranging from post injury sufferers to serious athletes. She discovered Pilates after repeatedly suffering from severe back pain. Pilates was so effective for her own condition that she was able to resume her athletic lifestyle. She lives a very active life and is an avid cyclist.


danielle ginsburg