Class offerings

Our classes offer fun, engaging, and effective workouts based on Pilates and the latest kinesiology research. You can sign up for classes on our Book Now page.

If you have never done Pilates before, we recommend taking Fit Foundation classes or Private sessions prior to taking ReformFit classes. 


ReformFit pilates

Our signature multilevel Pilates class combining classical Pilates moves with modern strength and conditioning practices. Provides a well rounded repertoire targeting the entire body. You will be changing positions, planking, pulling, lifting and rotating. Some Pilates experience is recommended.


I Heart Pilates

In our power Pilates class you will encounter compound exercises and challenging positions. This class will test your balance, stamina, strength and flexibility. Routines are more complex, transitions are quicker, and there is a cardio component as well. You will be balancing, holding, pulsing and working to fatigue in order to maximize muscle tone and strength. No injuries please.   

Pilates Express

Living life in the fast lane? We understand and we are here to help. Quick transitions, powerful moves and exercises that include multiple muscle groups will help you stay fit and leave you with time to dominate the to-do list. Get in, do Pilates, and feel great about yourself for the rest of the day!  

FIT Foundation pilates

Need a little guidance starting your Pilates journey or a refresher on the Pilates equipment? This more guided class centers around the governing principles of Pilates such as breath, precision, flow and control while you develop greater mobility and abdominal awareness.