about us


ReformFit Studio is about...

People: Our mission is to provide everyone the privilege of being strong, agile and active through movement, exercise, encouragement and postural work. 

Wellness: We are determined to help you with your wellness goals and are here to provide you with motivation, guidance and energy to enhance your physical and mental condition.

Community: At ReformFit we take special pride in helping you create lasting changes regardless of conditioning level, age or previous experience. We are committed to being a beneficial asset to our neighborhood through community outreach and ethical business management. 


ReformFit Pilates is...

Functional: We rely on movements that translate into meaningful gains in muscle mass, range of motion and bone and ligament health.

Challenging: In order to create change in muscle fibers, an exercise regimen must create a stimulus in the body. Classes are built to promote muscle fatigue and target multiple muscle groups.

Engaging: Our classes are limited to 8 participants. This ensures that instructors can assist when needed, guide on proper form and encourage safe motion.

Always evolving: Every day we know more about the human body. At ReformFit we deliver new challenges in every class. Furthermore, our Pilates classes incorporate recent findings in exercise methodology and our instructors make it their priority to constantly enhance their education.